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Compassionate Virtual Counselling for

Mental, Emotional, Spiritual Growth and Healing.

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"I am truly grateful that you have invited me to walk beside you; being in the presence of another individual as they journey through the labyrinth of self-discovery and healing, is rewarding in my role as the compassionate, non-judgmental and collaborative companion."

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Mental Health Counselling

I believe that each individual is the expert in their life story; that we all have within us the power to create and experience transformational positive changes in our lives. I offer a collaborative, safe and compassionate environment where one can explore those areas of growth without fear of judgment.

You Are The Author of Your Own Life Story 

About Me
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Alexandra Vartosu

Registered Provisional Psychologist, BA, M.C.

I primarily specialize in offering holistic and integrative psychotherapy for individuals of all ages, with a focus on addressing issues such as anxiety, stress and depression, as well as self- inquiry and personal growth.



$195 per hour

$270 per 1.5 hours

Couples and Families

$295 per hour

$395 per 1.5 hours

We all have the power to write our own story, but sometimes we need a little guidance on where to start. I provide a compassionate, safe and non-judgemental environment where you can start taking the first steps towards mental and spiritual healing.

To help you on your journey, I use many techniques such as meditation, mindfulness, guided visualizations, hypnotherapy, art, journaling, tapping or emotional freedom technique, eastern perspectives and concepts, spiritual concepts and exploration, just to name a few.


I have years of experience helping people living with anxiety, stress, depression, mood fluctuations and low self esteem, to find the power within themselves to rewrite their story through spiritual, emotional, and mental healing and growth.

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"I always have and will continue to work with people from a variety of backgrounds and cultures. Having lived in Europe (Romania), Middle East (United Arab Emirates) and Canada (Calgary), I understand and empathize with diversity, cultural variation, and traditions."

Alexandra is a member in good standing with the:

Fun Fact!

I am a Master of Usui Reiki Ryoho. I have long used Psychotherapeutic Soul Reiki, an approach based on Eastern Energy concepts, Reiki, Mindfulness and Western Psychotherapy models to alleviate psychological, emotional and behavioural problems.


Reiki often brings out unresolved memories, thoughts, and emotions which need to be uncovered and released for the healing to take place. As a Reiki Master, I help individuals increase their awareness of the body-mind process as it is occurring while encouraging them to explore the deep psychological meaning(s) behind their imbalances.

~ Let Me Be There For You On Your Journey ~

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I specialize in helping individuals of all ages with generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety, performance anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), panic disorder and phobias.

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Highly Sensitive People

I specialize, understand and know how to support Highly Sensitive Individuals (HSP), being one myself. I empathize with how challenging it can be to feel misunderstood, however, being an HSP is anything but a weakness. HSPs are some of the most perceptive, original, open-minded, considerate, empathic, talented, and kind persons you will ever encounter.

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Stress Management

Living with constant stress can lead to health issues and burn out in the long run. Counselling provides helpful coping strategies such as mindfulness to reduce stress.

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Emotional Disturbances

In children, emotional disturbance is blanket term to include unexplained cognitive, interpersonal, emotional, and learning difficulties. I use a variety of techniques to encourage self-reflection and guide my client's perceptions away from negativity, cultivate positive change, and establish self-affirming habits to help them succeed.

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Depression often stems from negative thought patterns that can be managed by identifying and changing thoughts using a client-centered approach and mindfulness-based techniques. 

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I believe in the importance of balancing the mind, body and spirit. When the body is unhealthy, the mind and spirit become unhealthy as well. The same is true for an unhealthy mind that manifests as aches and pains. I work with my clients to help identify what is causing the imbalance and provide coping skills in order to recenter yourself and heal.

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Personal Growth

Counselling provides you with the tools and strategies needed to promote personal growth by helping you nurture and enrich your mental, emotional, and physical health.

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Self Esteem & Confidence

In the era of social media, self esteem issues are at an all time high, especially among preteens and teenagers.  I provide a supportive and compassionate environment to help individuals challenge self-critical thoughts and opinions while providing the skills needed to nurture an attitude that promotes positivity, confidence and self-respect.

Modalities and Approaches

In my work as a psychotherapist, I adhere to a Client-Centered, Mindfulness-Based and Humanistic view of psychology with an emphasis on the proper integration of the five levels of the individual - body, feelings, intellect, transpersonal self and spirit. I specialize in blending Eastern Philosophy and Therapeutic concepts, with Mindfulness and Western Psychotherapy models and perspectives.

I use a Creative, Holistic and Eclectic style of therapy that combines a variety of
techniques and tools, in order to tailor my approach to the client’s personal style,
their needs and their goals. It can also be described as Integrative in nature.



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